XI35Pro BNF Quick Start Guide

XI35Pro BNF Quick Start Guide
Vincent Young


XI35Pro BNF is our first official BNF drone which was firstly launched in October 2022. Several upgrades has been done until now, which makes it a high performance and reliable cinewhoop style drone.


 Frame OddityRC XI35Pro
FC and ESC OddityRC f722 45A AIO
Motor OddityRC Stream 2006 2150KV
Wheelbase 152mm
Outside Dimention(L*W*H) 213*213*40mm


Betaflight Setup

*XI35Pro BNF drones are all finely tuned before leaving factory, the following steps only show necessary settings that need to be configured by yourself.

*The following steps requires to power on the drone with a lipo battery and trun on the 

  • Connect your XI35Pro to PC with a USB cable, open Betaflight Configurator and click "Connect". If you are new to Betaflight Configurator before and your conputer can't identify the flight controller, please refer to Betaflight document and install USB drivers.

  • If your XI35Pro is a PNP version, you need to get into "Port" tab and check the UART Port for receiver.Then Solder the receriver wires to corresponding RX and TX pads. The default port for receiver is UART1, port for GPS is UART 4 and UART6 is for air unit.
  • If you want to install one GPS module later or you BNF includes a pre-installed GPS, please refer to this blog for GPS and rescue settings.
  • The modst important settings for BNF are modes and corresponding RC channels.For XI35Pro we only need to set 4 basic modes: ARM, ANGLE, HORIZON and BEEPER. Also, if GPS has been installed, you only need to add an extra GPS RESCUE mode.



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